Wexler’s Deli Opens in LA


Jspace has been eagerly watching the goings-on at Wexler’s in LA, and the re-energized Jewish Deli is finally open. Chef Micah Wexler is serving up a pastrami and rye sandwich that reportedly doesn’t disappoint, finally bringing to LA the deli renaissance sweeping the country.

Back in January, we reported that Wexler had already earned acclaim for his restaurant Mezze, one of the nation’s only high-end spots for Israeli cuisine. He then turned his attention to traditional Ashkenazi fare.

Wexler’s offers a short menu of bagels and sandwiches, but almost everything is baked, smoked, or cured in house. Wexler has called his pastrami “perfect;” but the Jewish Daily Forward recently wrote that the deli counter’s secret weapon is its rye bread. Featuring a whopping 55% rye flour, it took Wexler over 50 recipes and several months to perfect the soft but crusty loaf. The final product is baked in a stone hearth at Etchea Bakery, before getting a second blast in the ovens at Wexler’s.

Rye bread has been a point of contention in the national debate over the nation’s best delis. Several spots in and near Detroit recently said their superior loaves give them the edge over New York’s supposedly flimsy bread.

In addition to pastrami, the spot also features corned beef, roast turkey, egg salad, tuna salad, and bagels with house-cured lox and sturgeon.

Wexler’s joins the ranks of new delis like Mile End in New York and Caplansky’s in Toronto, which are serving revamped deli favorites, without going so far as “smoked tofu pastrami,” as Wexler put it.



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