Urban Adamah Slaughters Chickens Privately After Kosher Protest


The Jewish farming group in California that canceled a public kosher slaughter workshop amid threats of protest has revealed that the hens were slaughtered in private workshops instead. The announcement has infuriated the animal rights activists who opposed the slaughter in the first place.

Urban Adamah denied for weeks that they would cancel the public shechita demonstration, bowing only when their landlord asked them to do so to avoid potential publicity and legal issues. The organization argued that the 30 hens had reached the end of their egg-laying life, and that slaughtering such chickens is a normal part of farm life; Adamah also said that opening the demonstrations to the public would allow consumers a more conscious look at where their food comes from, and that no participants would actually be involved in the “knife work” of slaughtering the chickens.

Activists threatened to picket the event, and urged Adamah to donate the chickens to shelters that take in such animals.

Founder and Executive Director of UA Adam Berman was quiet though on what would happen to the chickens afterwords. On May 21, he announced they had been slaughtered in private workshops, and cooked into chicken soup given out at their free farm stand.

Hope Bocanec of United Poultry Concerns angrily claimed that Berman had discussed moving the chickens to a shelter when he knew they were already dead; Berman admitted he was “vague,” saying he had no obligation to tell protestors of his plans.


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