Urban Adamah Cancels Kosher Slaughter Workshop After Protests

religious slaughter

The Jewish environmental/food organization Urban Adamah recently canceled a workshop on kosher poultry slaughter.

The event had received many threats of protests, but the organization said the decision was only made when their landlord asked them not to do it.

“The landlord asked us to cancel it because it wasn’t in our lease, and we have a good relationship with them, so it wasn’t a battle we felt like having,” founder and executive director Adam Berman told J. Weekly.

Until even the day before the May 1 decision, Adamah had defied critics and insisted the event would go on.

The group had decided to slaughter the 15 chickens, which had lived and laid eggs on their property in Berkeley, CA since 2011. Urban Adamah has noted that the chickens were humanely cared for, and it is normal for farms to slaughter chickens at the end of their egg-laying years.

Part of Urban Adamah’s mission is to connect people with where their food comes from. The group said participants would help with the plucking, rinsing, and salting of the chickens if they wanted, but not the actual knife work.

Animal rights groups like In Defense of Animals and United Poultry Concerns threatened to picket the event, and are now offering to bring the chickens to sanctuaries.


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