TV Series ‘Young & Hungry’ Inspired By Jewish Food Blogger

jewish food blogger

The new ABC Family series “Young & Hungry” follows an ambitious, talented, but so-far unknown cook and food blogger named Gabi. Though on TV, Gabi goes by the somewhat generic surname “Diamond,” she is based on real life food blogger Gabi Moskowitz, the voice behind the popular budget foodie site “BrokeAss Gourmet.”

A San Francisco Bay-area native and Emerson College grad, Moskowitz gave up work as a classroom teacher to focus on cooking and food education- just before the economy tanked in 2008. It’s then that she turned to budget-conscious food blogging. “BrokeAss Gourmet” eventually spawned two cookbooks, and now the series starring Emily Osment, produced by Ashley Tisdale.

Moskowitz tells the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles that though her blog is not strictly kosher or Jewish-themed, it was her summers at Jewish sleep-away camp that gave her a strong sense of identity- and taught her not to waste food.

Now, she does keep mindful of kosher cooking, thanks to her “Kosherize It” column in the New York Jewish Week, and her kosher-observant, Jewish day school teacher boyfriend.

“I think sometimes Jewish cooking can forget about the benefits of classic culinary techniques,” she says.


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