Tribe Hummus Unveils Racy New Ad

tribe hummus commercial

One of the top hummus manufacturers in the US has unrolled a racy new TV commercial.

Tribe Hummus is making a play to take over the market, and capitalize on hummus’ ascendent popularity in the US.

Titled “Mating,” the new TV spot is airing now in New York and Boston markets. It imitates a BBC nature documentary, showing a married couple in bed.

“When the mating is complete, hunger ensues,” the narrator says. “So the male and the female share hummus and pita chips in bed. It’s not unusual for the snacking to take longer than the mating itself.”

The commercial then shows the couple noshing on Tribe hummus.

Tribe, based in Massachusetts, is currently the second largest hummus manufacturer in the country, behind Sabra.

“We’re a challenger brand and we need to scream to be heard, and that’s exactly what this campaign does,” said Adam Carr, CEO of Tribe Mediterranean Foods, Inc, in a press release. “It may touch on areas that one would not necessarily associate with hummus, including the bedroom, but it certainly creates a stir. And that’s what we need to happen.”

Hummus is most popular in the Middle East, where it is consumed by nearly 100 percent of households. It is variously claimed as a national dish by Israel, Palestine, and Lebanon.

Probably coincidentally, “Member of the Tribe (MOT)” is a slang term for Jew. Also probably coincidentally, each new Tribe ad ends with the tagline, “You’re either a member or you’re not.”


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