Toronto Jewish Deli Sponsors Palestine Film Festival

caplansky deli

With the news from Gaza getting worse every day, one Toronto deli man is making a small gesture of peace. Zane Caplansky, founded and proprietor of the popular Jewish-style deli Caplansky’s, has announced that he will sponsor the upcoming Toronto Palestine Film Festival.

Caplansky’s blue-and-white truck will be stationed outside screenings, like the upcoming Aug. 8 free screening of “Laila’s Birthday” at Christie Pits Park, and will donate 10% of its sales to the festival.

“For a well-known Jewish business in Toronto to publicly support a Palestinian film festival makes a statement of brotherhood, sisterhood and community that I feel very strongly about,” Caplansky told “To me, that’s the best part of Toronto and the best part of Canada is our diversity and the fact that we all coexist so well here.”

Caplansky’s has grown by leaps and bounds since opening in 2009. The brick-and-mortar location, as well as food truck Thundering Thelma, are best known for their “smoked meat,” a Canadian delicacy similar to pastrami.


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