Toronto Gets Its First ‘Hummusia,’ S. Lefkowitz


Canada might not call to mind the dishes of the balmy Middle East, but like much of the western world, it has gone crazy for hummus.

Toronto is home to many Middle Eastern restaurants, but recently it got its first trendy hummus bar, dedicated solely to the delicious chickpea dip.

S. Lefkowitz comes from Ezra Braves, proprietor of the Ezra’s Pound coffee shops. (Braves converted one of the Pound locations to be S. Lefkowitz, though the spot still serves coffee.) The restaurant is named after Braves’ grandfather, whose picture adorns the walls.

The menu is fairly simple: hummus, more hummus, and hummus accoutrements. In addition to hummus, diners can nosh on tahina (sesame puree), labneh (strained yogurt), and various vegetable salads. They use 100 percent organic ingredients.

According to Toronto Life, S. Lefkowitz goes through 200 pounds of dried chickpeas a week.

Reviews of the restaurant are still sparse, but consumer response is promising.

“Friends, we have sold out of hummus,” tweeted Lefkowitz’s account at just 1 pm in the afternoon one Saturday. “And we had so much in the morning. See you all tomorrow!”


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