Thanksgivukkah Food Trend: Sufganiyot


With Thanksgiving and Hanukkah coinciding this year for the last time until 79811ACE, chefs both professional and homey are excited to combine the two great gastronomic holidays. But in addition to serving the respective traditional dishes alongside each other (i.e. latkes and turkey), some are trying to capture the Thanksgivukkah spirit in a single food item. One dish offering numerous possibilities is donuts, or sufganiyot.

Sufganiyot are traditional jelly donuts served on Hanukkah. Frying the treats in oil commemorates the miracle of the rededication of the temple. And the combination of sweet dough and fruit filling is proving to be a boon for the Thanksgivukkah crowd.

Three Brothers Bakery in Houston will be adding pumpkin-filled sufganiyot to their holiday offerings. Co-owner Janice Jucker told the Houston Chronicle that “Erev Thanksgiving” is already their busiest day of the year, and it will be “really interesting trying to get everything done” with the added holiday.


Cranberry, the Thanksgiving staple, seems like a natural substitution for the traditional fruit fillings (often strawberry or raspberry) of the Hanukkah donuts. And New York’s Zucker Bakery is indeed offering spiced pumpkin donuts with cranberry sauce filling this year–as well as some less conventional flavor pairings: pumpkin donuts with two kinds of turkey filling.

For those who prefer their sufganiyot sweet, not savory, the bakery will also have sweet potato donuts with toasted marshmallow cream filling.

But Thanksgivukkah enthusiasts don’t need an artisanal bakery to enjoy the fun. Food blogger Molly Yeh offers a recipe for mini pumpkin cranberry sufganiyot at the Jewish Daily Forward, or suggests using store bought biscuit dough to make the treat even easier.

With any leftovers, cooks can make stuffing. But who has leftover sufganiyot?


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