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Shabbat Menu: Cedar Plank Salmon and Watermelon Salad

This week’s Shabbat menu features a fresh Mediterranean salad, cedar plank salmon, grilled vegetables and a delicious watermelon salad for dessert.

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Study Finds Kosher Seafood Is More Environmentally-Friendly

A new study has found that kosher seafood generally has a smaller carbon footprint than non-kosher.

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Shabbat Menu: Lime Chicken and Mango Sorbet

This week’s Shabbat menu features a spiced lime chicken, fried eggplant, vegetable stir-fry rice and a refreshing mango sorbet for dessert.

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Shabbat Menu: Potato Wrapped Fish and Chocolate Crepes

This week’s Shabbat menu features a tomato and mozzarella salad, grilled zucchini, potato wrapped fish and delicious chocolate crepes for dessert.

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Russian Company Engineers Kosher Caviar Substitute

A Russian company has engineered artificial kosher caviar.

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Shabbat Menu: Roast Beef and Chocolate Cake

This week’s Shabbat menu features a ratatouille tart, roast beef, quinoa salad and a chocolate cake with summer berries.

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kosher farm to table

Isaac Bernstein Creates Farm-To-Table Kosher in Epic Bites

Isaac Bernstein of Epic Bites Catering is combining kosher food and exacting culinary standards.

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Bill To Allow Kosher Certification for Restaurants To Open On Shabbat

A bill that would allow for limited kosher certification for restaurants even if they are open on the Sabbath advanced in Israel last week.

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Shabbat Menu: Rib-Eye Steak and Plum Tart

This week’s Shabbat menu features delicious zucchini fries, rib-eye steak, roasted potatoes and a plum tart for dessert.

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caplansky beer

Caplansky’s Unveils New Deli-Themed Beer

Move over Dr. Brown’s, the Jewish deli may have a new favorite drink.

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