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milk bar

Momofuku Introduces Everything & Blueberry Bagel Bombs

Momofuku Milk Bar introduces bagel bombs.

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Can a Mathematician Devise a Perfect Bagel Slice?

A computer science professor demonstrates how to slice a bagel to maximize surface area.

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best bagel

You Won’t Believe Who Buzzfeed Named ‘The Best Bagel In New York’

Buzzfeed held a 14-way taste test to determine the best bagel in New York.

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bagels in boston

‘Best Boston Bagels’ To Get Full-Time Location

Will Boston bagels unseat New York and Montreal-style for supremacy?

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bagel breakfast at Museum of the City of New York

Museum of the City of New York Introduces Bagel Breakfast

The Museum of the City of New York introduces a free bagel breakfast for visitors, calling it the ‘New York breakfast of champions.’

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London ‘Beigel’ Shop Reopens Days After Eviction Notices Appear

One of London’s most popular beigel (bagel) shops has reopened after a brief eviction scare.

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Eater Readers Names Best Bagels In Boston

Eater Boston readers chose their favorite bagel shop in the city–and perhaps not surprisingly, it’s a pop-up.

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Heidi Klum Says Bagels Are ‘Cardboard Boxes’

Supermodel Heidi Klum attacks bagels, saying they are basically ‘cardboard.’

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Four Bagel Places Coming To NYC

Not one, not two, but at least four highly anticipated bagel/appetizer restaurants are in the works for the Big Apple.

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Supermarket Introduces the Crogel, Croissant-Bagel Hybrid

The croissant hybrid phenomenon may finally have gone too far.

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