Subway Testing Hummus at Some of Its Restaurants


In a questionable foray into ethnic food, national sandwich chain Subway announced recently that it has been testing hummus in some of its stores.

According to the Associated Press, Chief Marketing Officer Tony Pace “noted that many customers already order vegetarian sandwiches and that the chickpea spread would give people looking for meatless options another choice.”

Hummus has seen massive growth in the US in recent years, going from a rare food specialty to a staple found in almost every supermarket. But it has yet to take hold in a major fast food chain. Popular UAE-based chain Just Falafel recently announced that it would expand to North America, potentially bringing Middle Eastern food to a wider audience.

But is Subway hummus a good idea? Hummus is often praised for its healthfulness and all-natural ingredients (chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, garlic, lemon, and spices). Meanwhile, Subway was recently caught in a controversy over a chemical additive in its bread that is also used in yoga mat production, and is outlawed for use in food in Europe.



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