Soup Bucket Challenge a New Take on ALS Campaign

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First came the Ice Bucket Challenge, but now there’s something even better: the Soup Bucket Challenge.

The Jewish Daily Forward decided to put an Ashkenazi twist on the Ice Bucket Challenge by creating the Soup Bucket Challenge on August 20. The video was published on The Jewish Daily Forward’s site and has been picked up by other Jewish media outlets.

The Jewish Daily Forward publisher Sam Norich created this challenge as a Jewish alternative to (and as something better than) the Ice Bucket Challenge. After pouring a pot full of chicken soup on his head, Norich decided to challenge some of his fellow Jews, mainly Jewish celebrities and comedians to the challenge.

Norich decided to challenge Jon Stewart, Sarah Silverman, and David Remnick, who then have 24 hours to dump a pot full of soup on their heads for charity. If these celebrities do take up the challenge, they will be in good company of many other Jewish celebrities, like Mark Zuckerberg and Lena Dunham, who have dumped a liquid (usually water) on their heads for charity. Perhaps in time the Soup Bucket Challenge will go viral like the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Watch the video to see this Ashkenazi Jewish twist on the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS research.

This article was written by Jspace contributor Shira Kipnees.


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