Rumor: Starbucks to Buy Stake in SodaStream?


Starbucks has branched into tea and alcoholic beverages recently, but its next move might be into homemade soft drinks.

Rumors circulated this week that the massive coffee chain might buy a 10 percent stake in Israeli at-home soda company SodaStream.

The news sent SodaStream’s stock up 14 percent.

But this isn’t the first time rumors of a purchase have popped up. PepsiCo was thought to be buying the company outright for $2 billion last year. And earlier this year, Pepsi rival Coca Cola bought a 10 percent stake in SodaStream rival Keurig Green Mountain Coffee.

SodaStream has also generated controversy, as its plant in the West Bank has made it a target for the BDS movement. That also created problems for Scarlett Johansson, who fielded criticism after being hired as a SodaStream spokesperson.

SodaStream produces a device that carbonates beverages at home. It is presented as a healthier, cheaper, and more environmentally-friendly alternative to store-bought soft drinks.


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