Rockstar Bagels Opens Brick-And-Mortar Location in Austin, TX

rockstar bagels

As the bohemian capital of the Lone Star State, Austin, Texas has a thriving food scene–as long as you want tacos, barbecue, or even a great vegan falafel.

But Austin has never had a major Jewish population, unlike Texas cities like Houston, Dallas, and even Galveston. So those seeking a great bagel in the People’s Republic were out of luck–until recently.

Rockstar Bagels began on New Year’s Day in 2009, when unemployed drummer Joe Humel began making homemade bagels for fellow musicians, vagabonds, and other friends. But he quickly found that bagel-starved Austinites would be happy to pay for his wares. So Rockstar Bagels became a wholesaler, baking for cafes and restaurants all over the city.

Humel also baked for individuals, who could place orders online (with 48 hrs notice). But with no retail location, Rockstar Bagels had to be picked up at other locations, giving the business an underground, pop-up feel.

All that changed recently when Rockstar opened up an official commissary location that will sell their bagels and bagel sandwiches as well. Humel told the Austin Post that he may even add lunch and dinner options eventually.

Rockstar will now be located at 1900 Rosewood Ave (at the corner of Chicon), in the former home of JR’s Corner BBQ.


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