Private Chef Website Introduces Kosher Options

kosher kitchensurfing

Upscale kosher food has been making a comeback in recent years; and now, it is being brought straight into diners’ homes.

Kitchensurfing, a startup that allows users to hire private chefs for a variety of functions, recently acknowledged the growing demand for fine, trendy dining among the kosher-observant by introducing a kosher section on its website.

The Jewish Week reports that the new initiative was kicked off with a seven-course dinner prepared in a Brooklyn apartment by Kitchensurfing’s new “kosher tsar,” Yuda Schloss. Schloss is no stranger to cooking kosher for large groups out of an apartment: he ran the kosher sandwich pop-up “Hassid+Hipster” out of his Crown Heights loft for two years.

But Schloss is far from the only chef with a kosher menu on Kitchensurfing. The website shows over a dozen kosher menus, ranging from BBQ, to modern Italian, to Israeli, to Asian.

Some of the menus note that they are “strictly kosher.”


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