President Obama Stops By Canter’s Deli

obama deli

During a fundraising trip in Los Angeles, President Barack Obama took a break to stop by a legendary Jewish-style deli and meet with Angelenos who had written to him. There’s no word if Obama also sampled the famous matzoh ball soup or pastrami of Canter’s Fairfax.

The LA Times reports that the president went to the restaurant’s kitchen, to bump fists and take photos with staff, and then when out to the dining area, where he chatted with diners and made fun of his own basketball skills. The president then sat down with several people who had written letters to the White House:

“His sit-down guests included Katrice Mubiru, a Los Angeles teacher; recent UC Irvine graduate Aaron Anderson; Joan Waddell, a mother of three seeking to become a certified nursing assistant; and Kati Koster, who earned a master’s degree at Pepperdine University and wrote the president about the impact of student loans.”

Canter’s is one of the best-known delis in the city. It was begun by the Canter family in New Jersey in 1929, before moving to California in the 30’s. With it’s close proximity to the Sunset Strip and 24-hour schedule, the restaurant has been a favorite of celebrities and all those in the entertainment industry for decades.


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