Does This Pastrami Make The Best Sandwich Ever?


Two sandwich experts say they have found the best sammie in the world. And it’s pastrami.

Video director Robert Serrini and Chef Jeremy Spector (Brindle Room) partnered to make the web series “Make Me A Sandwich,” an opportunity for informal interviews with restaurant chefs, and a chance to eat amazing sandwiches of the chefs’ choosing.


There are ten other episodes. But with the latest video, the men say they have found the world’s best sandwich and are finished with their mission.

The sandwich doesn’t come from Katz’s, Langer’s, or Mile End, but from an Asian-Latin-American fusion joint in the East Village. Chef Will Horowitz of Ducks Eatery says he got the pastrami recipe from his 99-year-old grandmother, who recalled it from his grandfather’s delicatessen. After adjusting for the shifting memory of his bubbe, Horowitz came out with a delicious treatment for brisket deckle, and then added his own twists.

Though a photo of Horowitz’s grandfather’s deli clearly shows the word “kosher” written in Hebrew on the window, the younger chef ferments his brisket in buttermilk. With anchovy sauce and an Italian loaf of bread, it’s clear this isn’t your grandpa’s meat. But the thick slices of beautifully red beef, with flavors like caraway, mustard, and a type of coleslaw, show that tradition still has an important place here.

Horowitz clearly respects fine pastrami, but takes a swipe at some NYC stalwarts; after hacking off thick chunks with a machete-like knife, he refers to thinly-sliced pastrami as a sign of “insecurity.”

The pastrami sandwich doesn’t appear to be on Ducks Eatery’s menu at the moment. But as this video makes the rounds, overwhelming demand might force Horowitz to do the right thing.


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