New York Community Protests Kosher Slaughter House


A proposed kosher slaughterhouse in the Ultra-Orthodox community of New Square, NY is being strongly opposed by nearby residents.

Over 150 people turned out in New Hempstead, NY to oppose the chicken processing facility proposed for a location close to residential areas. Another slaughterhouse was shut down by federal inspectors over five years ago, but plans for a replacement were filed almost immediately, to be built and operated by the same company.

A representative of the Orthodox community admitted that the last facility was “a mess,” but said the new one would be different. A spokesperson for the developer made some claims that were questioned by the news source:

“There will be almost no noise coming out of the building and no odors. (No odors?) No odors. (Slaughterhouses usually smell?) Slaughterhouses usually smell if they’re not kept up,” said the developer’s attorney Ira Emanuel.

But a community leader of the opposition said he didn’t believe these claims “for a second.”

Kosher slaughter is being opposed all over the world, especially in Europe, due to animal rights concerns (some consider it inhumane compared to methods where the animal is stunned first). However, these concerns appear to be only based on the facility’s effect on property values in the surrounding area.

The construction is opposed by many local politicians; but as a local issue in the Hassidic-controlled New Square, that may be irrelevant.


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