Momofuku Introduces Everything & Blueberry Bagel Bombs

milk bar

Momofuku Milk Bar is one of New York’s most popular dessert spots.

And in its latest menu shake-up, it’s paying homage to one of New York’s most iconic Jewish foods–though one not usually associated with dessert.

The bagel bomb is a tribute to the classic bagel setup–it’s a dollop of everything bagel dough, “stuffed with smoky bacon-scallion cream cheese.”

The blueberry bagel bomb is sure to upset bagel purists, though also sure to be delicious in its own way. It is regular bagel dough, “stuffed w/ fresh blueberry cream cheese,” and topped with “salty sweet streusel topping.”

These and other treats are available at Momofuku’s locations now through October 29.


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