London ‘Beigel’ Shop Reopens Days After Eviction Notices Appear


One of the two top “beigel” shops in London is open again after eviction notices and a brief closure frightened fans. Brick Lane’s Beigel Shop did not offer any explanation for the closure.

The notices appeared on May 13th, and the famous bakery was closed for business. But the proprietors quickly tweeted that they weren’t going anywhere, and was open again within two days.

According to Time Out London, the only information available from the shop was: ‘We’re open, alright? What do you want from us?’

Commonly known as “the Yellow Beigel Shop” (for its bright awning), the Beigel Shop is one of two London bakery’s most known for their beigels, the English equivalent of the bagel. The other, on the same block, is the Beigel Bake.

Food writer and New York expat Seanan Forbes recently decried the lack of real bagels in London. Writing in the Jewish Daily Forward, Forbes called beigels “tender” and “spongy,” lacking the chewiness and crustiness of real bagels. Another food blogger said beigels are “sweet and soft,” comparing them to challah.

But London beigels have their fans, who say they are distinct from New York bagels, and tasty and authentic in their own way.


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