Legendary NYC Falafel Increases In Price


One of New York’s cheapest and most delicious Middle Eastern treats just got more expensive. Thought the increase is small, fans are still troubled to see one of the city’s remaining affordable dishes start to slip away.

For over 40 years, Mamoun’s Falafel has been feeding hordes of drunk scenesters on St. Mark’s Place in Greenwich Village, from generations of NYU students to the never-ending waves of musicians, radicals, and others populating the neighborhood. For just a few dollars, diners could get not only a falafel pita, but what many consider the best falafel in the city.

But this year, Mamoun’s raised its price for the delicacy–a whopping $0.50, to $3.50.

Owner Galal Charter told Gothamist that the increase was due to skyrocketing food prices:

“Food costs are through the roof and we were trying to shoulder the lion’s share ourselves,” Chater explained. “We don’t take raising our prices lightly…but it’s something that’s been going on for a while and we finally had to cave.”

Indeed, the growing popularity of chickpeas has produced record high prices for the legumes; Charter also sites the tahini sauce in particular as becoming more expensive.

However, the falafel is still one of the most affordable, filing, quality meals in the city; and demand seems to be undiminished.

“People are really cool with it, they understand,” said Charter.


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