Kosher BBQ Heats Up In Crown Heights And Across The Country


Crown Heights, Brooklyn, home to the Chabad Lubavitch community, has plenty of kosher dining options, but it’s about to get more variety.

Two different kosher spots serving Southern-style barbecue are looking to open in the neighborhood, coinciding with a wave of kosher barbecue restaurants popping up across the US.


The first comes from the creators of Basil, which is already a successful restaurant in the area. But the pizza joint and wine bar is dairy, while the new restaurant, named simply Meat, will be fleishig. The new restaurant will be only five blocks away from Basil, and will serve Southern comfort food in addition to the barbecue.

Also hoping to move into Crown Heights is a brick-and-mortar location for Izzy’s BBQ Addiction, a kosher pop-up that has been serving up smoked brisket, pastrami, and beef ribs once a week. Pitmaster Sruly “Izzy” Eidelman says he wants to find a more permanent home.

“I want this to be a place where you can sit down, order a great craft beer, listen to some bluegrass music and talk with your friends,” Eidelman told The Jewish Week recently. “And I think that more Jews need to try this kind of food.”

Texas-born kosher pitboss Ari White is one of the leaders of the current revival. The creator of New York-based Wandering ‘Que commented on a food message board recently, noting half a dozen new kosher barbecue joints across the country, from Miami to Texas.


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