Katz’s Deli Sues Florida Impostor


Katz’s Deli is having a busy time fighting all of the impostors. The 125-year-old Lower East Side institution recently filed a trademark lawsuit in Manhattan against Katz’s Delicatessen of Deerfield Beach (Florida).

The Florida restaurant opened recently, declaring on its website that “the unmistakable New York Kosher Deli is right around the corner.”

According to Katz’s (New York) owner Jake Dell, he contacted the Florida deli months ago asking them to change the name, but the other establishment never got back to him. The lawsuit seeks $1 million in damages.

Grub Street reports that Florida owner Charles Re told them he meant to get back to Dell, and understood that the original Katz’s would pay for sign changes. He says he didn’t think there was an active trademark on the name, and accused the original Katz’s of needing publicity.

Katz’s has held a federal trademark on its name since 1992.

Re claims his deli is named after another local deli which closed recently, not the New York one.

Earlier this year, Katz’s won a trademark lawsuit against a food truck called Katz and Dogz in New York. The owner of that business claimed the name was an “homage” to Dell’s establishment.


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