Just Falafel Opens First US Location

just falafel

One of the most popular falafel chains in the world has opened its first US location. UAE-based Just Falafel opened a location in the San Francisco Bay Area just recently.

The restaurant focuses on falafel sandwiches, offering non traditional flavor combinations like Italian and Mexican. Though their menu already featured an “American” (a hamburger-style falafel), they debuted the “Californian” in honor of their new location, featuring fresh beets, cucumber, tomato, mixed salad, beetroot labneh, and a spicy salsa.

Just Falafel says it has signed franchise agreements in New York, Kentucky, Texas and Los Angeles, and has concrete plans to open locations in Canada and New Jersey later this summer.

When Just Falafel announced their North American expansion in January, Jspace noted that falafel has become much more popular in the US over the past few years, but no chain has yet gained prominence serving the dish. The most widespread falafel chain currently operating in the US is probably Maoz Vegetarian. The company, which was founded by Dutch Israelis, has locations in eight cities. Mamoun’s, a legendary falafel and shwarma joint in New York’s Greenwich Village, has five locations across the Northeast.


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