Jerusalem Hotel Offers Kosher-For-Passover Bagels


Kosher-for-Passover bagels? The mere idea seems inherently impossible. But one luxury hotel in Jerusalem is attracting a lot of attention by offering the baked good as part of their Pesach menu.

The Inbal Hotel, a five-star establishment overlook the Old City, posted photos of the bagels and the recipe to their Facebook page recently. The recipe, created by the hotel’s executive chef Andreas Marinkovits, is made from matzah flour. The rest of the ingredients are fairly standard (water, salt, sugar, eggs, oil), and are boiled to give the bagel its traditional dense, chewy texture.

The caption promises “a hard crust and fluffy inside,” but only first-hand experience will really tell. The photos show a bagel with insides that are darker and perhaps more porous than a typical bagel.

The bagel will be available with lox and cream cheese.

Writing about the Inbal’s bagel, Kate Havard of the Wall Street Journal asked experts if the “loopholes” just defeated the purpose of the observance. Food blogger Allison Josephs said finding kosher substitutes for non-kosher foods is hard work, and therefore qualifies as an important spiritual observance.

But Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple in LA disagreed. He said matzo is supposed to remind us of slavery and the haste of the Exodus.

“Obviously it’s not as good,” he said. “Otherwise you’d eat it all year.”


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