Israeli Cooking App Wows Home Chefs


In the crowded field of recipe apps for tablets and smartphones, an Israeli start-up is standing out.

Look and Cook, by Kinetic Art, is wowing home chefs with its beautiful photographs, step-by-step instructions, and useful in-app purchases.

The Kinetic Art team describes the app variously as an in-home sous chef, or a personalized cooking show.

“When you watch a show with Martha Stewart cooking a dish, you don’t actually see much,” co-founder and CEO Oran Huberman, told Haaretz recently. “You as a viewer can’t know what kind of mixer she used, you don’t see the list of ingredients, nor can you file the television program for later use. Our platform enables all of that.”

Look and Cook not only provides lists of ingredients and cooking instructions, but also up close photographs detailing each step of the process.

And the completely free app partially solves the problem of monetization by suggesting in-app purchases for gear and ingredients relevant to each recipe.

Like any great cooking show, Look and Cook has a celebrity chef: its first recipes come from Chef Meir Adoni, and a new partnership with the James Beard Foundation could bring in recipes from legendary American chefs like Thomas Keller and Mario Battali.

The app is available for iPhone and Android, and as mentioned, is free. It is in English, as most of its reported 500,000 downloads are in the US.

If Look and Cook wants to expand in its native country, it might consider a new tab for its recipes: kosher. So far, the offerings like pizza with bacon and fresh scallops seem decidedly treif-heavy.


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