Israeli Cheese Company Teams with Amish Dairy on New Feta

israeli feta cheese

Despite dark suits and awesome beards, Jews and the Amish don’t necessarily have a lot in common. But now, an Israeli company is partnering with Amish dairy farms to produce a feta cheese unlike any other found in the US.

Ezra’s feta cheese is smooth and creamy, not crumbly like most. It is produced by Gad Dairy, the fourth largest dairy in Israel, a country that takes its soft cheese very seriously.

When they wanted to find an American partner to bring their product to the States, they ran into trouble. It seemed like no companies could live up to the standards of the kosher, family-run business.

Enter the Negev Foundation’s Ohio-Israel Agricultural Initiative, which was introduced to Bunker Hill Cheese, a family-owned company that sources all of their dairy from over 200 Amish farms. That means all milk is free of hormones and steroids, and Bunker Hill avoids many commercial cheese-making processes.

For now, Ezra’s is only available at select retailers in Ohio.


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