Heidi Klum Says Bagels Are ‘Cardboard Boxes’

Heidi Klum on the 'Today' show

Heidi Klum pays close attention to what she eats to maintain her stunning physique, but recent comments might have gone too far.

Discussing a cover shoot for US Magazine, the German-born swimsuit model said a “bagel is basically a cardboard box,” horribly mischaraterizing one of the most beloved items in all of Jewish food.

“I don’t eat bagels–no way!” she said. “I’m pretty good about not eating too many carbs. I love vegetables.” Some accounts also report Klum criticized the eating habits of younger models, saying they have more cellulite than she does.

Klum will get no argument from us that bagels are carb-laden treats, but if she thinks a bagel is cardboard, she is obviously eating the wrong ones. Perhaps the LA-based Project Runway host is suffering from the city’s notorious lack of great bagels, which recently caused residents to line up for hours just to purchase expensive, day-old bagels from Russ & Daughters. Or maybe Klum has been thrown off by the inflated size of bagels in recent decades, a trend that is now being reversed.

In any event, we hope Klum will recognize bagels for what they are–a delicious indulgence.