GetKosher.Com Brings Kosher Delivery Into The 21st Century


With online ordering and centralized delivery websites like Seamless and GrubHub, food delivery long ago made the jump online.

But Morris Sued, 22, decided that kosher restaurants should have their own corner of the internet to ensure the best service for the kosher observant. Last year, Sued launched, which is now providing online ordering for over 100 kosher restaurants in New York and New Jersey.

Jspace recently checked out the website, and was impressed to find a smooth interface that easily listed a dozen nearby kosher restaurants available for delivery. Clicking on a restaurant displays a full interactive menu, with sometimes detailed options available for each item. Just click on the item, choose your options (toppings, sides, etc), and head to checkout.

A similar search on Seamless didn’t turn up any kosher options, and GrubHub offered only two.

Sued told the Jewish Daily Forward that the difference between his site and competitors is like the difference between a regular supermarket that sells kosher products and a kosher supermarket: “You can be sure everything we offer is kosher, and we even specify the types of kosher.”

The same article says that the site expanded quickly from just 20 restaurants in Midtown Manhattan, and now serves thousands of customers.


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