Cooking With Amar’e

cooking with amar'e

Just recently, we told you about NBA star Amar’e Stoudemire’s Hebrew roots and love of eating kosher. And now, the basketball master is out with a new cookbook–though, like himself, it is neither traditionally Jewish nor strictly kosher.

Cooking with Amar’e is a collaboration between Stoudemire and his personal chef and teacher, Chef Maxcell Hardy III. Perhaps it should be called Cooking with Maxcell, as the book takes the form of Hardy showing an eager Stoudemire his way around the kitchen.

“Amar’e, whose mother is Jewish, likes me to buy kosher food in keeping with his Hebrew background, although he doesn’t keep strictly kosher,” writes Hardy. “In my role as his cooking teacher, I’ve happily watched him become comfortable at the stove.”

In an earlier interview, he’d stated that Stoudemire enjoys treif on special occasions, like a big victory.

The Jewish Daily Forward points out that Cooking with Amar’e has only one “traditional” Jewish dish (brisket), and also includes un-kosher food like scallops.

Stoudemire describes his parents as “Hebrew,” and himself as Jewish. He was an assistant coach for the Canadian men’s basketball team at the Maccabi Games, and has applied for Israeli citizenship. Stoudemire observes holidays like Passover and Shabbat.


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