Caplansky’s Unveils New Deli-Themed Beer

caplansky beer

Move over Dr. Brown’s, the Jewish deli may have a new favorite drink.

Zane Caplansky of the wildly popular Caplansky’s in Toronto has partnered with the Barley Days Brewery to make the Deli King Spiced Dark Rye Lager. Not only is the beer brewed with rye (like the loaf that forms Caplansky’s delicious smoked meat sandwiches); not only does the brewery add Caplansky’s proprietary spice rub; but the beer is also served with a pickle garnish, befitting a deli beer.

The Jewish Daily Forward reports:

“I’ve always wanted a signature beer,” Caplansky said as he pulled a pint. But it was only a few months ago that he acted on his desire by partnering with Greg Landucci of Barley Days Brewery in Picton, Ontario. Landucci had approached Caplansky ahead of the Ontario Craft Beer Festival, during which beers created as collaborations microbreweries and local celebrities are showcased.

“We used to carry a beer called Denison’s Dunkel, which paired really well with our smoked meat sandwich. So, I knew I wanted to do a dunkel, which is a German-style dark lager,” the deli man explained.

The article also notes that while the beer might not exactly taste like the spice rub (black pepper, onion, garlic, mustard seed, celery seed, coriander, red chili pepper, dill seed, clove and cinnamon), the aroma certainly adds to the experience.

The lager is available at Caplansky’s original location in Toronto, and will be available at two planned locations in the Toronto airport.


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