Brunch Menu: Sliders and Eggs


Brunch Menu: Click through the slides to get the recipes for this week’s menu

To me, the best part of being the cook in in my house is that I get to make all the menu decisions. That’s why for this week, I have decided that we are having burgers for brunch!

Sometimes I’m in the mood for a juicy burger. That does not mean that I have to have a huge one. Especially in the earlier part of the day, I’m usually not that hungry, but I always want to eat something yummy.

So this week’s brunch menu features sliders, fried quail eggs, sweet potato fries and pumpkin muffins!

This menu satisfies everything, from savory to sweet. Plus, it uses pumpkin, which is the ingredient of the season! Wishing everyone a wonderful and delicious weekend!


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