British Parliament Rejects Kosher/Halal Meat Labeling Plan

british parliament

British parliament has rejected a proposed plan that would require supermarkets to label all kosher and halal meat as such.

The legislation purported to be about choice and animal cruelty, but revealed racial and religious undertones.

It was proposed by Conservative MP Philip Davies, who said there was huge public demand for the knowledge.

“As a strong believer in freedom of choice, I think one of the fundamental rights of the consumer is to know what they’re purchasing,” he said.

Davies also quoted an op-ed by a Muslim educator, who described unlabeled halal meat at supermarkets and restaurants as “covert religious extremism and creeping Islamic fundamentalism making its way into Britain by the backdoor.”

A fellow Conservative MP disagreed with Davies, saying religion was the wrong focus for the meat discussion, adding, “Do you not think it’s wrong just to look at religious slaughter in isolation from other forms of slaughter… indeed labeling on how the animals actually lived in terms of housing, food and the drug consumption that they’ve had.”

Kosher and halal slaughter has been threatened and even outlawed across Europe, usually under the justification of animal rights activists who say all meat should be stunned before slaughter. According to Shechita UK, kosher slaughter cannot stun animals, because animals must be “healthy and uninjured” at the time of slaughter to be kosher.



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