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Soup Bucket Challenge a New Take on ALS Campaign

First came the Ice Bucket Challenge, but now there’s something even better: the Soup Bucket Challenge.

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Hamas vs. Hummus Campaign Goes Viral

There’s a new spin to the Ice Bucket Challenge circulating around the Internet: the Hummus Tub Challenge.

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Taiwan Restaurant Removes Nazi Pasta from Menu

An Italian restaurant in Taiwan, which named two of its sausage-filled dishes Long Live the Nazis, has apologized after it was bombarded by complaints.

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Anthony Weiner restaurant

Anthony Weiner Opens Restaurant

Former New York congressman Anthony Weiner is involved in a project to open a non-profit restaurant in the Rockaways.

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Israel Receives First-Ever Etrog Shipment from Morocco

Israel has received its first-ever shipment of etrogs from Morocco ahead of the Sukkot holiday, the Jerusalem Post reported. The etrog, a fruit of the citron tree, is one of the four species—along with the lulav from the date palm tree, hadassim from the myrtle tree, and aravot from the willow tree—mentioned in the Hebrew […]

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