Auschwitz Restaurant Tops Kickstarter Goals


An initiative to build a kosher café near Auschwitz has surpassed its initial fundraising goal on Kickstarter.

Staff at the Auschwitz Jewish Center originally launched the quest on Kickstarter, an online fundraising platform, asking potential contributors to donate funds toward a desired $25,000.

Organizers promised the proposed restaurant, to be called Café Oshpitzin, would produce vegetarian items that were fresh and made from locally grown produce.

“Currently, there is no place like this in O?wi?cim (the town where Auschwitz is located), which has just a few pizzerias, a Turkish kebab bar, and a KFC – all fast food – not local, homemade products with the slow food approach of our café,” the donation page stated.

“In addition to representing local and regional culture and food, Café Oshpitzin will be a venue for dialogue and education for locals and other visitors from near and far.”

The $25,000 has already been met, and Auschwitz staff has now upped the requested amount to $30,000, to further accommodate the restaurant.

“Thank you for all of your support! We’re amazed with how successful the Kickstarter has been so far, and are hoping to raise more than our $25,000 stated goal,” the page currently reads.

“We’re now aiming for $30,000. The increased funding will allow us to furnish and stock the Cafe – which wasn’t included in our initial goal. Can you help us get there? Every dollar we raise over the goal will be put into making Cafe Oshpitzin a warm, inviting, and delicious cafe.”

The proposed restaurant will be built at the Kluger House, the home of Oswiecim’s last Jewish resident, who died in 2000.


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