Anthony Weiner Opens Restaurant

Anthony Weiner  restaurant

This article was written by Jspace contributor Shira Kipnees. 

Former New York congressman Anthony Weiner is involved in a project to open a non-profit restaurant in the Rockaways, a neighborhood in Queens that continues to suffer after being hit hard during 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, according to the Rockaway Times.

“Large swaths of the peninsula are lacking in quality, sustainable, nutritious food,” Weiner told the New York Daily News. “It’s is also sadly true that many Rockaway residents need help developing skills to lift them out of unemployment.”

Along with serving healthy meals, Rockaway Restoration Kitchen will offer a 13-week program to teach restaurant skills to those who are unemployed, and will help place them in jobs in other restaurants around the city, according to a description of the program on the organization’s website. Funnily enough, Weiner once mocked restaurant jobs.

“We’re creating a lot of restaurant worker jobs and poor people jobs,” Weiner said at a 2013 debate. “We have to stop that. We have to try to make this a middle class capital again.”

Weiner’s exact role is unclear but AMNY says a job listing for the restaurant’s executive director lists Weiner as an administrator. “Anthony Weiner is a friend of the Rockaways and we welcome anyone who comes to train people with culinary and hospitality services,” City Councilman Donovan Richards told the website. “I’d love to have some of his soup.”