Action Bronson: Your New Favorite Jewish Foodie Rapper


Action Bronson is a 300+ pound, Jewish-Albanian-American haute cuisine chef and now one of the hottest rappers in the country. The heavily tattooed, fuzzy bearded, and fiery haired Queens native might be the most exciting and unconventional thing to happen to Jews and food since the kosher Big Mac.

It’s unclear how much Bronson identifies with Judaism (his mother is Jewish), though he certainly doesn’t hide it. He raps about getting “twisted off Manischewitz” and being a rabbi in a past life. A song on his debut album was titled “Barry Horowitz,” after a pro wrestler who would enter the ring to “Hava Nagila;”and Bronson guest starred on the song “Mazel Tov” by N.O.R.E.

But Bronson is aggressive in flaunting his foodie credentials. He attended culinary school and was a sought-after chef before entering the rap game, and almost all of his songs describe food the way other rappers describe a Mercedes Benz. Songs include “Brunch,” “Shiraz,” “Tapas,” and “Pouches of Tuna.”

Some of Bronson’s choicest food lyrics include:

Cocaine eyes, open up the abalone

Smoke the macaroni, eat the cannelloni

Put the cameras on me, take the cameras off me

Motherf**ker raise your hand when you speak


Greek men

jump off the back of the boat for dinner

barehanded snatch up an octopus I’m a winner

grill it

hit it with olive oil and lemon

then kiss my fingers

___ _____* that was delicious


Thin slices of the cheddar, folded up make my life better

We had the lunch at Osteria Morini, I had the calf’s brain

half glass of Cabernet on the PATH train


My dad was right when he said I was a strange, f—

Now every meal is calamari and boudin blanc

Eggs Rothko

The handmade suit cloth I got the sports coat

Serve me snails to eat

No ham and cheese


Five minutes, I’m makin’ stuffing filled with truffles and pears.


The roasted peppers, sweet tomatoes heirloom.

We on the beach, restin’ peach and we in Cancun.

Bronson’s latest mixtape is the independently-released “Blue Chips 2.” After working on the Vice label for years, he recently signed with Atlantic, and is working on his major label debut. Jspace will be keeping a close eye on what Bronson has to offer in the future.



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